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Uninstall Furniture

Furniture Uninstallation Service refers to the process of dismantling or removing furniture items from a space. This service is typically required when moving out of a place, renovating a space, or when replacing old furniture. Furniture uninstallation involves disassembling the furniture, carefully removing any fixtures, and preparing it for transportation or disposal.

Install Furniture

Furniture Installation Service refers to the process of assembling and setting up furniture items in a designated space. This service is commonly required when moving into a new place, renovating an area, or purchasing new furniture that needs to be properly installed. Furniture installation involves unpacking, assembling, and arranging the furniture to ensure it is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Packing Furniture

Our Packing Furniture Service is designed to handle the intricate task of properly packing and protecting your furniture items for a move or storage. We understand that your furniture is not only valuable but also holds sentimental value. Our dedicated team of professionals takes great care in ensuring that your furniture is safely packed and ready for transportation.

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Service Price Duration Category
Fragile Furniture Packing 100.00 0:15 Packing Furniture
Large Furniture Installation 90.00 0:15 Install Furniture
Basic Uninstallation 60.00 0:15 Uninstall Furniture
Trash Cans 50.00 0:15 Clean Out
House 60.00 0:15 Clean Out
Garage 70.00 0:15 Clean Out
Commercial Buildings 90.00 0:15 Clean Out
Furniture 60.00 0:15 Delivery
Appliances 90.00 0:15 Delivery

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